Why I don’t like self-service checkouts: retail CEO

 In Australia, NewZealand
Discount clothing retailer Best & Less isn’t rushing down the aisle to install self-service checkouts.

Best & Less chief executive Rodney Orrock said retailers shouldn’t rely on customers to do the work traditionally done by shop assistants.

"If I go into a Woolworths to do grocery shopping … if there’s somebody available to do my checkout, I’ll go there, right, because I think they’ll do it faster and quicker and I don’t have to concentrate. And sometimes at 6 o’clock in the morning that’s important," Mr Orrock said.

"But I think in terms of the number of things that retailers may expect customers to be doing for them, yeah, I think that there’s things that retailers should be doing and there’s things that customers don’t necessarily need to do." Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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