Uncommon Sense: The Global State of Breakfast? What the Consumer Wants and How You Can Provide It

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Over the years, we’ve seen a trend toward increased multitasking—we no longer just wear a few hats, but an entire accessories section. We live in a world where there are alerts coming at us from every direction, nudging us from meeting to meeting, and if something you’re working on feels like it’s taking you too long, there’s probably an app for that! We’ve become so accustomed to this fast-paced lifestyle that it’s somehow even crept its way into how we consume food—you can see it in your local grocery store, in the form of the steadily intensifying progression toward “meals on the go” (which of course exacerbates our own crazy schedules today).
This is especially the case when you look at one meal in particular—breakfast. Consumer demand has driven a slew of new options for swift consumption that feature a mix of the familiar and the new in a bid to satisfy the growing “rush to sustenance.”
A recent Nielsen study on back-to-school consumption highlighted how far the traditional breakfast is under fire: It found that though majority of adults believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day, only one-third of children are provided breakfast at home. Nielsen – Read more…


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