Delving into Data Sets: Where Does Supermarket Customer Card Data Fit?

 In Australia, NewZealand
The desire and need to understand consumer behaviour is on the rise, and the imminent release of customer card (loyalty) data is a welcome sight for the FMCG industry.
Many inroads have been made in recent years into the use of big data sources. Supermarket customer card data offers a view of an individual retailer’s customers at a very granular level. This means both retailers and suppliers can understand things like customer responses to short term promotions, and the composition of items in a basket, right down to item level. It’s a unique opportunity for sales, category and key account executives to work more collaboratively with their retailer partners by putting the customer at the centre of their discussions.
It’s important to recognise that the data only represents customers of an individual retail banner, not the market. And the market in New Zealand, as we know, consists of banners with very different characteristics and in store behaviours. Nielsen – Read more…

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