Choice of Supermarket in Ireland is Not Driven By Low Prices

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Product availability and quality are the most highly influential factors when it comes to where Irish shoppers choose to buy their groceries from – according to Nielsen’s new Global Retail-Growth Strategies Survey.
The survey on grocery shopping habits, which polled more than 30,000 online respondents in 61 countries, reveals that 60{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea} of Irish shoppers cite the products they want regularly being in stock as “highly influential” in choosing which retailer to buy from, narrowly ahead of having high quality fresh produce (59{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea}). Good value for money (58{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea}) is the next most influential factor. Nielsen – Read more…

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