7-Eleven reaps nearly $200 million per year in fuel income

 In Australia, NewZealand
7-Eleven head office raked in close to $200 million from fuel sales across its network over the past financial year while its franchisees received only an $18 million cut of the sales during the same period.
The details of 7-Eleven’s fuel sales and the breakdown of the income split for head office and franchisees are detailed in internal documents seen by Fairfax Media.
Fuel sales and the commission paid to franchisees have been a sticking point for some store owners as they negotiate new franchise agreements with 7-Eleven head office.
As part of a broader new deal with franchisees that would feed $60 million a year back to franchisees 7-Eleven has offered to increase the commission paid to franchisees to 1.5c per litre.
That may not satisfy disgruntled franchisees some of whom have told Fairfax Media they would like the fuel commission to increase to 3c for every litre.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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