How Ineffective Promotions Are Dragging Down Top CPG Brands

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Catalina recently released a report revealing that the top 100 CPG brands saw sales and market slip significantly in the past year. This was quite a surprise to many. While many are aware that large manufacturers have been losing market share to smaller ones for years, most assumed top brands were still faring better than the overall industry.
However, according to Catalina, this is no longer the case. Its recent report, based on a sample of 26,000 food, drug and mass-merchandise stores in the company’s in-store promotion network, found that nine out of 10 big brands lost significant market share to smaller brands and store brands. Specifically, the report found sales for the top 100 brands collectively declined 0.8 percent over the previous year. This was the case across the board, from baby products to refrigerated meat.
So, why is this happening? One of the key (yet often glossed-over) reasons is trade promotion inefficiency.  Progressive Grocer – Read more…

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