Woolworths’ Masters accused of deception in battle of the big box hardware chains

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Woolworths chief Grant O’Brien went to extreme lengths during the rollout of its struggling Masters chain to scupper a property deal of rival hardware Bunnings, including receiving emails from a "family dog" and saying he would do "whatever is needed" to spoil Wesfarmers’ deal, a court has heard.
Woolworths and its Masters chain have been accused of deception after dumping a deal to build a store in Bendigo in 2009 to pursue another site in the regional town they knew Wesfarmers’ Bunnings was circling.
The case lays bare the lengths that Woolworths went to in its battle of the big box hardware chains with Wesfarmers’ rival Bunnings chain, with the court hearing Woolworths’ behaviour was in line with its Project Oxygen strategy, so-called because of its aim to starve the Bunnings chain of oxygen.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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