Woolworths flags private-label fight to win back shoppers from Coles, Aldi

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Once-daggy home-brand products are back.
In a bid to win back disaffected shoppers, Australia’s biggest supermarket chain, Woolworths, plans to match or beat the prices of major rival Coles and match the range of entry-level products sold by discounter Aldi.
Chief executive Grant O’Brien said although people were still coming into its supermarkets in very good numbers, they were "spending a bit of their basket elsewhere" and Woolworths "need[s] to get that back."
"Private label, without doubt, own-label, without doubt, is an opportunity in its own right for us to do better," Mr O’Brien said. "Forget Aldi for a moment."
"But it [also] presents I think a really nice way of presenting the sort of offer to counter Aldi that we need to in the marketplace."
Woolworths shares were smashed on Wednesday after reporting "subdued" sales in April and lower-than-expected same-store sales for food and liquor.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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