The CPG Innovation Challenge Is Really An Opportunity

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Consumers don’t want to have conversations with their toothpaste brands.
That’s the problem in a sentence that’s writ large across most of the companies in the consumer packaged goods category.
Innovation in CPG (consumer packaged goods) just isn’t as easy or telegenically obvious as it is for tech companies. No toothpaste innovation is going to provide translation services at the swipe of a tongue anytime soon. Cheese and soup can be packaged in yet another material or format, but until 3D printers are certified for foods, nobody can download them. You can add only so many scents to soap, but until you invent an alternative to bathing, pretty soon you reach a wall.
Instead, the task of showing innovation in the category usually falls to marketers, who use the tools at their disposal to meet the challenge. That’s why there are so many branded consumer-facing apps, or various social media programs intended to engage consumers in conversations about everything from soda pop to floor polish. There are apps to time your kid’s next visit to the potty, and watch your lawn grow, and many ways to talk about how brands talk about such things.  Forbes – Read more…

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