Shoes of Prey not the only e-tailer clicking onto bricks and mortar

 In Australia, NewZealand
They’ve staked their claims in the great shopping mall of cyberspace, but Aussie internet retailers are collectively twigging to the fact that an old-school shop front is still vital for building their brand and turbo-charging sales.
Following news that online fancy footwear supplier Shows of Prey signed a deal to open several concession shops within upmarket US department store Nordstrom, other e-tailers are admitting there’s nothing like the touch and feel enabled by bricks-and-mortar shops.
Melissa Lee, the co-founder of Sydney-based Joe Button, reached the conclusion, three years after launching her online men’s tailoring service.
She recently opened an outlet off Pitt Street in Sydney where men can try on suits and shirts before placing an order.
The in-store experience appeals to father-of-the-bride-bracket gents who aren’t comfortable measuring their own inside leg and dispatching their measurements and credit card details without having seen a version of the final product.
Sales have increased 50 per cent, month on month, since the outlet opened and the average sale amount is up 15 per cent.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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