Can Coles Manage Your Brand?

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On the weekend I did my usually grocery shopping in our local Coles store.  At the end of the checkout process the cashier did not offer the Coles Sports For Schools vouchers, as they proceeded to attend to the next customer.
At that point I requested the vouchers, which were then provided.  However, I was only provided with 1 voucher per every $10.00, when last week was a double voucher week.  I pointed this out to the cashier, who then proceeded to question me.  The cashier then decided to ask a colleague for confirmation.  At this point I received the additional vouchers.
Upon exiting the store I began to consider the implications of what just happened, as it appears that even though Coles invested thousands of dollars on a TV campaign and in-store notices, they were still unable to communicate with all their staff the activities that affect their own brand.  As a supplier, what chance do you have?
This has been the latest of similar experiences, so I cannot chalk this up as a "once-off".  I am confident that others will be able to provide other examples.
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