Digital disruption: The rise of eB2B in fragmented retail

 In Australia

“Our research shows a high number of fragmented outlets are either underserved (for example, with limited direct coverage from sales reps or low access to promotions) or overserved (with the largest outlets receiving 80 visits from CPGs per week). Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic forced distributors and CPGs to reduce in-person interaction, making store owners more open to digital adoption. For example, at the peak of the pandemic, more than 75 percent of Chinese independent stores in Tier 3 cities or below used digital applications to place orders.”

This quote from a recent McKinsey article, “Digital disruption: The rise of eB2B in fragmented retail“, is exactly the kind of success Brand Owners are seeing from the Purveyance Retailer Marketplace, as direct rep coverage and low access to promotions have proliferated over the last 2 years.

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