11.11 – 94% of Online Consumers in China Have Participated in Shopping Festivals; First 100 Days Are Critical for New Product Launches

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Nielsen’s latest research shows that consumers have great enthusiasm for the 11.11 shopping festival, with 94% of online consumers in China having participated in online shopping sprees. 18-35 year old consumers were the main purchasing force, and the most likely to make impulse purchase decisions, with 56% of online consumers born in the 1980s and 58% born in the 1990s saying they have “made unplanned purchases.”
Unsurprisingly, the Nielsen study also found 11.11 is a highly recognized online shopping event, with 81% of consumers saying they are aware of Tmall 11.11.
11.11, which occurs on November 11th each year and is China’s largest online shopping day, shows that along with consumers becoming increasingly sophisticated and focused on quality when shopping, price continues to be a key decision factor for purchase. More than half of consumers (55%) have made impulse shopping decisions and a further 59% have changed their purchase plans because of online shopping festivals. Nielsen – Read more…

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