Sustainability Sells: Linking Sustainability Claims to Sales

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“All natural,” “fair trade,” “organic”—more and more products across the store include claims of sustainability. But what do all these claims mean? Describing a product as “sustainable” could mean that it’s sourced responsibly, for example, or that it utilizes recyclable packaging—as well as a whole host of other potential attributes. Understanding how and why sustainability claims are gaining momentum across product categories is critical to understanding how, when and why consumers prioritize sustainable options.
With all of the various sustainability factors and evolving trends in play, companies need to understand whether and how these broader sentiments play out for their specific brand and consumer profile. For example, who are the consumers you have yet to reach? Does your product have a sustainable attribute—and could leveraging sustainability claims on product packaging present a new market opportunity?
In a recent report, we compared the performance of sustainability claims in the U.S. across three product categories—chocolate, coffee, and bath products—to understand consumers’ sentiments toward various sustainability factors. Nielsen – Read more…

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