From Lashes to Brows: Eye-opening Trends in Cosmetics

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The beauty industry is one driven by fast-moving trends. What’s popular one minute, may be behind the times less than a month later. Still, Nielsen research has found that three key macro trends are shaping the beauty industry: natural, personal and connected. But for brands and marketers, connecting with consumers requires understanding trends at a channel and category level.
During the 12 months ended Sept. 22, 2018, health and beauty care overall has reported 2% dollar growth and 0.2% growth in units sold across all Nielsen’s total U.S. all outlets combined (xAOC) channels. While this limited growth at the broader all-outlet level is positive for the industry as a whole, challenges to sales and volume consumption are more apparent at the outlet level. In fact, health and beauty care has seen unit volume declines of 1% and 2% across U.S. grocery and drug stores, respectively. This points to consumers’ greater reliance on value channels such as dollar, club and mass merchandise for health and beauty products. Nielsen – Read more…

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