The rise of no and low alcohol

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Thanks to price rises and the move towards drinking products with a more expensive price tag, we see off-trade alcohol sales steadily increasing year-on-year but volumes remaining relatively static.
While on the whole, GB drinkers may be buying less, there are, of course, some exceptions. The volume of spirits bought, largely fuelled by gin, has increased by 3.8% compared with last year and both ready-mixed drinks (6.1%) and sparkling wines (2.4%) have also seen volumes sales grow.
There’s one segment which is really taking off with shoppers buying more, not just paying more, and this is in no/low-alcohol products. For beer, this covers products which have up to 1.2% alcohol by volume, and for wines this includes anything with up to 5.5% alcohol by volume. In both beer and wine, these tend to be products which started off containing alcohol and go through a “de-alcoholisation” process. Nielsen – Read more…

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