Redefining the World of Snacking

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For years, confectionery, crisps and soft drinks were the most popular go-to snack choices for the British consumer. But over the last five years, we’ve seen a dramatic shift in the world of snacking.
Now, thanks to the wider social trends around healthier living and changing preferences toward sugar and protein consumption, shoppers have more choice than ever when it comes to their mid-day snack, and it’s changing the way we think about snacking.
The U.K. snacking category is currently worth over £18 billion, and it’s growing at 0.3% in value. It’s an enormous category and an integral part of the store that drives basket spend through impulsive purchases.
The traditional core of the snacking category is made up of food and drinks, such as savoury snacks, sweet snacks, sack bars and soft drinks. And despite all of the news surrounding sugar and a growing focus on healthier lifestyles, shoppers still want sweet snacking products. Notably, one in four shopping baskets contain a soft drink product, and one in five contains confectionery. Nielsen – Read more…

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