Would seeing 16 teaspoons of sugar stop you buying that soft drink?

 In Australia

Australian shoppers would see a confronting 16 teaspoons of sugar on the label of a 600-millilitre Coca-Cola bottle if the federal government adopted one of the more contentious options in its new sugar-labelling paper.
The federal government has released a consultation paper containing seven possible ways it can boost “contextual information about sugars” on food and drink labels to help consumers make healthier choices and curb soaring obesity rates.
Health and consumer groups have backed four: Lumping all sugar-based ingredients under “added sugars” in the ingredients list; explicitly stating the amount of added sugar in the nutritional information panel; “pictorially” displaying the amount of added sugar on front-of-pack; and displaying advisory labels on extremely sugary products. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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  • Valent Lau

    It’s so difficult to find low sugar options in the supermarket. What choice do we have?

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