‘I don’t work for Myer’: Retailer facing backlash from brand partners

 In Australia, Myer

Myer is facing a backlash from the high-profile brands that run concession outlets inside its stores after telling them their staff have to help Myer customers buy products outside their brand’s area.
Myer customers had complained of encountering an ” ‘I don’t work for Myer’ attitude, where brand-partner team members refuse to assist customers in Myer stores”, the company told its concession partners in a letter sent earlier this month.
“Feedback indicates that customers continue to experience this poor level of service,” Tony Sutton, Myer’s executive general manager of stores and experience, wrote.
“Customers expect that when they enter a Myer store and interact with team members that they are able to receive assistance and service, regardless of the brand they work for.”
The department store told concession holders – which include Mecca Cosmetica, Cue, Sunglass Hut, Country Road and other leading brands – that it expected all staff to operate as “one team”. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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