Pre-packed Fresh Salad Propelling Growth For Australian Supermarkets

 In Australia

Over the past 12 months, fresh salad sales in Australia have soared compared with the previous year, up 10.6% in dollar sales. Examples of fresh salad include serving size lettuce bags and pre-made salad mixes. While fresh salad has many nutritional benefits, this is not the sole factor driving category growth. When asked for the major reasons Australian shoppers purchase fresh salad, 73% said ‘convenience’ and 72% said ‘easy-to-use’ were the triggers driving their purchases.
Growth in fresh salad is outpacing many other similar categories. In the past 12 months, relatively flat growth was seen across the total vegetable category (0.7%), total fresh produce (1.6%) and total grocery (1.7%) in Australia. Nielsen – Read more…

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