Woolworths learns not to mess with Plumpton’s love of Doritos

 In Australia, Woolworths

Make sure the people of Plumpton get their Doritos.
That’s one of the lessons Australia’s biggest supermarket chain Woolworths has learnt as it radically alters how it stocks products in its network of just under a thousand stores, seeking to tailor each outlet to match the social and cultural profile of its local customer base.
A “one-size fits all” approach to product selection was no longer good enough for a diverse country like Australia, Woolworths’ general manager of supermarkets, Claire Peters, told the Australian Food and Grocery Council’s annual conference in Melbourne on Wednesday.
Woolworths’ full-sized stores each stock about 20,000 to 25,000 product lines, drawn from a total pool of about 45,000 products stocked in its central distribution centres.
But the total number of products in Woolworths’ range would grow from 45,000 to as many as 60,000 or 70,000, Ms Peters said, so the company could cater to each of its stores’ individual needs. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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