Grocery sales volumes rise by 18-month high

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The volume of groceries sold at the UK’s leading supermarkets rose by its highest year-on-year rate for 18 months.
Shoppers bought +0.8%¹ more groceries during the four weeks ending 24 February compared to the same period last year. The last time year-on-year volumes rose by more – excluding seasonality-affected periods – was +1.4%¹ in August 2016.
Whilst the growth in volume improved on recent times, the increasing amount shoppers spent fell back slightly as inflation started to peak. Year-on-year sales increased at the supermarkets by 1.8%¹, or 2.9% including the discounters. The corresponding figures in the previous four-week period were 2.7%¹ and 4.2%, respectively. Nielsen – Read more…

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