Change is coming, but some retailers aren’t ready for slavery laws

 In Australia, NewZealand
Some of Australia’s major retailers are woefully unprepared for new laws likely to be brought before parliament that will force them to show how they ensure their products are not made with slave labour.A joint federal parliament committee last month called on the government to introduce a Modern Slavery Act,  including mandatory supply chain reporting for large companies.
The committee’s chair, Liberal MP for Dunkley Chris Crewther, said he was "quite confident" legislation would be introduced to parliament in 2018, and warned that some companies were not doing enough to vet how their goods were made.
The committee recommended that businesses with annual revenue of more than $50 million should have to disclose where their products come from and detail what steps they took to ensure slavery and labour abuse did not existing in their supply chains. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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