Woolworths races to get match fit for Amazon fight

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Woolworths was expected to beat Coles in the latest quarterly bout of the great supermarket war. But the release of its third-quarter sales stunned just about everyone. Woolworths shot the lights out.
To have produced a 5.6 per cent surge in supermarket sales means Woolworths is taking customers from Coles, Metcash and possibly even Aldi.
Woolworths has been in fightback mode for two years after losing to Coles and Aldi on almost every growth measure for the previous five. It’s invested $1 billion during its comeback to improve its appeal – most of which has been used to cut the cost of goods on the shelf.
Not since 2010 has Woolworths scored a quarterly sales number this big – an outcome fed by a large increase in the number of transactions on the back of a 2.5 per cent fall in shelf prices. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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