It’s no wonder we view Coles as a faceless food factory that it’s OK to rip off

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Supermarket giant Coles is to trial limiting the number of items that shoppers can scan through self-serve checkouts, directing people with more than 12 to a traditional staffed lane. While the company says it’s not related to a recent crackdown on checkout theft, it’s hard not to see it as further crumbling of the great self-service experiment.
Coles says that self-serve checkouts are more convenient for customers. But isn’t the real point to boost the company’s profits by cutting the wage bill? Part of doing that means shifting work back onto the customer.
Self-serve checkouts are only the latest move in a basic big business strategy: squeeze the producer, squeeze the workforce and squeeze the consumer.
Why are all the goods on shelves in open aisles? So you, the customer, can do the work of gathering groceries that a store clerk used to do. Electronic payments rather than cash? Now you’re doing their banking for them. Self-service checkouts? You’re scanning and packing your own shopping, a job that used to be done by two people. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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