The ‘I’ in Personalisation: Satisfying Consumers’ Individualised Preferences Throughout the Store

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In the U.S., we know what we like, and usually we’re willing to pay for it. This drive to personalize to suit our lifestyles—to save time, live better and healthier, or indulge—extends to the food we buy in the grocery store. We can purchase products free of gluten or chock full of it, products fortified and labeled with the nutrients, or flavors of our choosing. Craving mocha-flavored chips? Sriracha popcorn? There’s a packaged product for that.
In recent years, the perimeter of the store (meat, produce, deli, bakery and seafood departments) has been catching up with U.S. consumers’ need to differentiate themselves. Consumers can chose from a dizzying amount of products and buy them pre-cut, in varying pack-sizes, or with a dip or some other food pairing.
So while personalization is alive and well in certain perimeter departments, others still have the opportunity to evolve. But what does the future of personalization look like for products that can’t necessarily be flavored with Sriracha? Nielsen – Read more…

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