The Aldi Effect: Why Your Grocery Bill is Shrinking

 In Aldi, Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths
​Supermarket cyclone Aldi continued to damage the competitive supermarkets in its path with the cost of that damage being a 17 per cent fall in supermarket and convenience store earnings from IGA and Campbells and convenience stores  aligned with Australia’s major independent group Metcash.
The brutal competition that Aldi has injected into the entire market including Coles, Woolworths and IGA is responsible for almost unprecedented levels of price cutting.
And the onslaught is only set to get worse as Aldi steps up its move into Western Australia (where only 4 out of the 17 planned have yet opened) and in South Australia where just under half of the 19 new stores are now trading. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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