Are my additional displays yielding optimal performance?

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Great fun working with additional displays to drive product performance. Specially in the context of large competitive categories, offering wide product selections, each fighting for shopper attention in long and seemingly similar aisles.
Additional displays, including end caps, hanging displays, custom floor displays, etc. are great tools to create branding and activation opportunities in the store, where final decisions are made.
In getting the most out of our investments in additional displays we constantly face two main challenges: where to place them in the store, and what product to put in them.
Stores have unique traffic patterns, and tend to shape traffic flow a certain way, more intrinsically by how they are designed, and more dynamically through temporary changes such as additional displays. In recent studies I have seen the direct impact of proximity to cash registers, location of destination categories, placement of pallets in the center of the aisle, and placement of custom floor displays, on how the traffic pattern is shaped in the store. Alfonso Perez – Read more…

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