Why independent liquor stores can survive the big-box retail threat

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The $16 billion liquor retailing industry won’t end up like the hardware sector, where single-store operators have virtually no chance of survival against big-box chains such as Bunnings.
The chief executive of the Australian Liquor Stores Association, Terry Mott, said well-run independent stores still have a strong role to play. He cited the convenience factor – where customers look to buy from smaller stores as well as the industry giants such as Woolworths’ Dan Murphy’s and Coles’ First Choice – and the sheer diversity of the products that can be stocked. 
Mr Mott, whose organisation oversees both ends of the spectrum – from big-box stores to single-store independent operators – said the packaged liquor retailing market isn’t headed toward a situation like hardware, where the Wesfarmers-owned Bunnings chain dominates the market and is set to increase its grip now that Woolworths is exiting from its disastrous $3 billion attempt to set up a rival, Masters. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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