Inside the blast zone as supermarkets tackle Aldi head-on

 In Aldi, Australia, NewZealand
It’s referred to internally as the "blast zone" – the catchment area within a 10-minute drive of any new Aldi store.
But big independent supermarket chain Foodland, which coined the "blast zone" term, says it has an advantage over the large national chains Woolworths and Coles in minimising the impact of the opening of a new Aldi store through its aggressive "micro-marketing", where it can cut prices hard with special promotions at individual stores, unlike the two national giants.
It’s preparing to do it again as Aldi opens two more stores in Adelaide on March 2, and then another three later in March.
Foodland chief executive Con Sciacca is defending a market share of about 32 per cent across 118 outlets, just behind Coles and Woolworths which each hold between 33 to 34 per cent of the $7 billion grocery market in South Australia. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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