Independent winemakers accuse supermarkets of causing ‘confusion in marketplace’ with murky labeling

 In Australia, NewZealand, Woolworths
Family-owned winery Crittenden Estate is proud to say it doesn’t sell its wines to Woolworths, Coles and their associated retail brands including Dan Murphy’s and Vintage Cellars.
So there was some confusion when a brand called Crittenden and Co popped up in Dan Murphy’s stores as it was a Woolworths home brand with no connection to Crittenden Estate.
Second-generation winemaker Rollo Crittenden says similarly named wines create "a lot of confusion in the marketplace".
"It was actually impacting on our sales through to distributors and a lot of additional work for us dealing with queries from customers," he says.
The Crittenden family considered engaging lawyers but after a social media campaign Woolworths agreed to remove the wine labelled Crittenden & Co from the shelves and change the brand to Chancellor & Co. Sydney Morning Herald – Rad more…

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