Supermarket trips on the rise

 In Australia, NewZealand

While customer traffic at most bricks-and-mortar retail stores has declined (or been offset by website visits), people are making more trips to the supermarket, according to the latest ‘State of the Nation’ report from Roy Morgan Research.
Australia’s grocery buyers together made an estimated 1.9 billion separate trips to the supermarket over the 2014/15 financial year – almost 300 million more than in FY09/10.
The annual grocery market is now valued at $102.2 billion – of which $88.9 billion is spent at supermarkets.
Woolworths’ market share fell 2.3 per cent points between June 2014 and June 2015 to 37.6 per cent, equivalent to just over $2 billion in lost gross revenue. Coles gained 0.2 per cent points in share over the period (up to 32.3 per cent) and ALDI gained 1.5 per cent points (up to 11.8 per cent). RetailWorld – Read more…

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