40 years of insights into dealing with grocery buyers at large supermarkets

 In Australia, Coles, NewZealand, Woolworths

At a recent presentation to CEO’s in charge of  some of Australia’s leading FMCG companies Australian Food News guest contributor Allen Roberts was asked to reflect on his 40 years of experience dealing with grocery buyers.
Below are the top 15 lessons from a long, sometimes frustrating but mostly rewarding career dealing with grocery buyers at large supermarkets.
Know your business and theirs
1. Know more about your business than the buyer does. This seems pretty obvious now, but in an early (late 70’s I guess) encounter with one of the doyens of the industry, Eric Bender of Franklins, he demonstrated what can happen if you are underprepared.  Eric took pity, and let me off lightly that day, and I never forgot the lesson.​  Australian Food News – Read more…

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