Gordon Cairns’ path to enlightenment could be a long one for Woolies investors

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If Woolworths investors felt a warm inner glow envelop them last night it might just have been the peace and serenity being projected by their newly appointed chairman – Tibetan meditation guru, Gordon Cairns.
His serenity took the chairmanship from Ralph Waters as of midnight last night.
Of course, it was not always thus.
"I got some clear feedback from people who worked for me that they wouldn’t tolerate my behaviour any more and the things that they disliked were that I was very competitive, autocratic, didn’t care about people very much, and I was a perfectionist," said Cairns of his 1990s self, prior to conversion to the path of enlightenment.
"The fundamental thing is change – and I was given lots of help to change."  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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