Strategy under the spotlight for Woolworths, Myer and JB Hi-Fi

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Australia’s biggest consumer companies can expect some pointed questions about strategy this reporting season from JP Morgan’s senior consumer analyst, Shaun Cousins.
After almost two years of part-time study – and 16 flights to the UK – Mr Cousins recently completed an executive MBA from Cambridge University’s Judge Business School and is keen to put his new insights on strategy and management practice to good use.
"We spend a lot of our time evaluating a company’s marketing campaigns are or evaluating company strategy but we do that without any in-house experience," said Mr Cousins.
"We have more of a basis for that now and we’ll be more alert to elements where their strategies might be unsound," he said.  "Part of the course also reviewed leadership and strategy. Corporate culture is clearly a key determinant of success".
Mr Cousins’ timing could not be better.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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