It’s Man v Machine at the supermarket checkout

 In Australia, NewZealand, Woolworths
"Excuse me sir, excuse me! There are checkouts free over here," said the lady manning the self-service checkouts at my local Woolworths store.
The lady really wanted me to make use of them, as if she was KPI’d against how many people she was able to push through.
"No thanks," I replied, "I’m waiting to be served by a real person". Eye rolling ensued.
For the past few months at my local Woolworths it’s felt like the company has been winding back its checkout staff at night, and as a result I’ve been persistently encouraged to make use of self-service checkouts.
Most of the time I don’t mind using them; it saves time (and apparently money too, if you illegally tell it that every fruit or vegetable you’ve weighed is a carrot). I get it. But some days I just want to have some human help because I’m either tired or my four-time-broken arms aren’t feeling up to the job of scanning and bagging groceries.
One Woolies employee I spoke to said he wished there were more staff on the manned checkouts; when they’re not busy, he said any unneeded checkout staff could be filling shelves with product.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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