Woolworths open on food labelling, but industry wary

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The country’s biggest food retailer, Woolworths, says it’s ready to work with the government to improve food-labelling laws, amid expectations graphics indicating the percentages of Australian and imported content in food will be introduced.
In the wake of the hepatitis A outbreak that has been linked to imported frozen berries, Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane and Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce have been asked to prepare a submission on country-of-origin food-labelling laws for cabinet by the end of March.
Senator Joyce has said existing laws don’t work and people – judging by the 220,000 emails he has received – want them changed.
But Australian Retailers Association executive director  Russell Zimmeman said the proposed changes were unclear and "probably mean more red tape". The association’s members include supermarkets, Bakers Delight Bakery and the Coffee Club.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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