Meat and greet: where Aussies buy their fresh meat

 In Australia, NewZealand
Fresh meat is central to most Australians’ diets, with a growing proportion of us buying it in any given week. While this growth is evident among country and city residents, there are some key differences in where we buy our meat. While supermarkets are the top source for fresh meat throughout Australia, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research reveal that city dwellers are more likely than rural residents to buy their meat at specialty retailers such as butchers, markets and delicatessens.


In the year to June 2014, similar proportions of grocery-buyers in the city (73{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea}) and country (77{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea}) bought fresh meat in an average seven days, up from 72{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea} and 74{845d44a2f09c0018d802e19e78941a85dc2180e4ed7410cee0b34e8cb134ecea} respectively in 2010.  Roy Morgan – Read more…
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