Blind woman Gisele Mesnage sues Coles over online shopping website

 In Australia, Coles, NewZealand
Coles is facing a landmark claim following an allegation the supermarket giant’s website does not provide adequately for visually impaired shoppers.


Gisele Mesnage’s vision impairment has not prevented her from travelling, completing a university degree or writing a play but buying groceries online is a different story.
Ms Mesnage, who has been blind since birth, has launched a landmark claim against Coles with her legal team alleging the supermarket giant has discriminated against her because of her disability.
Her issue with Coles dates back to 2008, when she first registered for online shopping. The Ashfield woman uses a screen reader, which converts text to speech, and believed online shopping would be a quick and convenient alternative to going to the supermarket.
"For me, online shopping is a revolution," she said. "Not only do I want to be part of it, I need to be part of it. It’s about independence."  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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