Killer pythons not so killer

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Nestle’s Killer Pythons are looking more like multi-coloured vipers as the global confectionery giant downsizes products to control portion sizes and respond to growing consumer concerns about their sugar intake.
Nestle is putting its oversized jelly snake treat on a diet, shrinking its form from 47 grams to 24 grams as part of a global strategy to cut calories in its confectionery products, which include Kit Kats, Minties, Life Savers and Wonka Bars.
"We’ve made a global decision that no serving is more than 10 per cent of [children’s] daily energy intake – the current Killer Python at 47 grams is way too big," said Martin Brown, Nestle’s executive manager of confectionery and snacks.
"It would take an average Australian 10-year-old one hour of running or riding a bike to burn off the energy – with the new Killer Python it will be down to 30 minutes," Mr Brown told Fairfax Media.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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