ACCC alleges Coles bullying and tries to calm suppliers

 In Australia, Coles, NewZealand
The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission is attempting to calm grocery suppliers who fear retribution after being named in court documents setting out the commission’s unconscionable conduct case against Coles.
The ACCC’s statement of claim, lodged with the Federal Court on Monday, lists 200 businesses that were approached by Coles and asked to pay ongoing rebates in return for benefits related to supply chain improvements.
The ACCC has alleged that Coles engaged in unconscionable conduct by using unfair tactics and misleading information to force smaller suppliers to pay the rebates.
Industry groups have welcomed the legal action, saying Coles’ heavy-handed tactics had been the bane of suppliers for years. But suppliers fear those named in the claim or those who give evidence in court could face retribution from Coles.  Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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