Round Up: Mums bracing for Back to School stress, Reject Shop, bourgeois swine

 In Australia, NewZealand

Back to School fever is upon us, and this year Aussie parents are being hit hard, according to a new survey conducted by

More parents are spending big dollars on back to school shopping in 2014, with 32 percent spending more than $400 per child, compared with 28 per cent spending the same amount per child in 2013. This year, those polled indicated that the biggest cost in the back to school season are school fees, followed by shoes, books and uniforms.


Clothing costs are still considered relatively high, though lower than last year, with 66 per cent of parents ranking uniforms and 29 per cent ranking shoes in the top two costs of 2013, compared to 47 per cent for uniforms (moving to fourth place this year) and 24 per cent for shoes this year.


However, the rising cost for sending a child back to school was particularly elevated this year due to the  increasing use of technology in the classroom. Retails Biz – Read more…



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