Significant role for PAs in public health initiatives

 In Australia, NewZealand, Pharmacy
Pharmacy assistants could play an important role in implementing pharmacy-based health services, an Australian study into their involvement in a chlamydia screening program reports.

The program, which looked at expanding the role of pharmacy assistants to deliver a chlamydia screening program for people aged 16 to 30 years, in which participants were given a $10 incentive to take part, significantly boosted uptake of screening services.


The study, published in Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, investigated pharmacy assistants’ views of their involvement in the program and found that with the appropriate education and training they were receptive to expanding their public health role.


However, some of the pharmacy assistants involved in the Canberra-based trial, were uncomfortable with the sexual health nature of the study, and the ethics of the cash incentive for consumers. Contact – Read more…



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