PHARMAC boasts of success

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Management Agency (PHARMAC) claims its approach to funding pharmaceuticals is “as relevant now as it has ever been,” saying in its annual review yesterday that it’s enabled record numbers of New Zealanders to receive funded medicines over the last year.


The review showed that the number of funded prescription items has also continued to grow, to a record 42.2 million. Drawing a comparison with Australia, ceo Steffan Crausaz pointed out that atorvastatin 40 mg, which costs Australian taxpayers $51.00 for 30 tabs through the PBS, costs just AU$5.80 for 90 tabs in New Zealand.


This product alone “would save the PBS more than $1.4 million a day,” he said. Crausaz said that PHARMAC’s methods will be even more important as it beds in new roles. “In the past year, PHARMAC has successfully absorbed the national immunisation schedule within the funding it manages, and also anages all funded hospital medicines. Pharmacy Daily – Read more…


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