Aussies shop private labels, convenience, discounts

 In Australia, NewZealand
Private labels, convenience and discounts are on top of Australians’ shopping lists according to a research by Nielsen.
n More than 11,600 consumers across the country were polled by Product ofn the Year to recognise and reward the most innovative products to hit nsupermarket shelves across 34 categories and identify key attitudes and nbehaviours when it comes to shopping.
n The research revealed Australians are keeping a close on their budgets nby making buying decisions based on value for money, with home brands nbecoming increasingly popular.
n Around 70 per cent said they often compare prices of private labels nwith manufacturer goods and many (60 per cent) believe supermarkets noffer similar quality, with packaging looking just as good as those of nbranded products.  Retail Biz- Read More.

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