Retail cam mixes surveillance with sales

 In Australia, NewZealand

Retailers have started tracking in-store shopper movements as a way to increase profits but privacy experts believe the industry needs to come clean about the covert sales tactics.
Matthew Binns more than halved the number of security cameras at the Robin Hood and Glynn pubs in South Australia, by installing 18 Mobotix cameras which provide greater coverage with 360 degree viewing angles. The move was designed make the premises more secure, triggering alarms if people were "casing the joint", but new software allows the company to use the cameras to track customer movements in order to boost sales.
Binns has already maximised sales potential using data from the camera software to redesign the bottle shop layout and relocate particular products. Store owners can track the numbers and movements of customers, and a heat map displays the most popular parts of the store. More sophisticated features are in the pipeline. Sydney Morning Herald – Read more…

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