Connectivity Improves User Adoption of E-Commerce for Evolving Product Categories Like FMCG

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There’s no mistaking the impact that digital connectivity is having on global consumers. And as connectivity increases, we’re steadily widening the range of digital activities we engage in, including e-commerce. Everyday, 3.4 billion consumers connect to the internet and spend, on average, six-and-a-half hours online. That figure represents 85% of the global population that’s connected to the internet.
Despite the ubiquity of digital, however, global consumers have not yet fully embraced e-commerce across for many categories, largely those within the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) sector. So as manufacturers and retailers seek to capitalize on the opportunity of e-commerce, they need to understand consumers’ online usage, behavior and habits, as well as what’s driving e-commerce adoption. Global online sales in 2017 totaled US$2.3 trillion, representing 10.2% of total retail sales, and we expect that proportion to reach 17.5% by 2021.
The rise in internet connectivity is paving the way for e-commerce across many global markets, as detailed in Nielsen’s recent Connected Commerce report, which provides insight into the global connected consumer, shopping traits, category evolution and barriers, to identify future growth potential. Nielsen – Read more…

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