No Bones About it: The Pet Category is a Real Growth Opportunity

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Pets today are more a part of the American family than ever. And as a result, pet owners are increasingly interested in pet food options that address many of the same health concerns that are influencing human food production, such as unnatural preservatives and genetically modified ingredients. While the humanization of pet food isn’t a new trend, it may offer more of an opportunity than retailers and manufacturers realize.

There’s no denying the strength of the perimeter of the store, especially as increasing increased personalization takes hold, but the pet aisle—with a value of nearly $20 billion—shouldn’t be ignored. The pet care category alone has grown two times that of the overall center of store over the past five years, evidence that pet owners are keen to continue splurging on their furry family members—fueling category growth along the way. Nielsen – Read more…

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