Blurring flavor boundaries

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If wasabi ginger Oreos or grilled cheese Pop-Tarts sound delicious, stay tuned. Such products may not be far from retail reality.
Recent snack innovation is blurring the boundaries of sweet and savory, as dessert-inspired potato chips and spicy nutrition bars debut from the market’s top players. Frito-Lay in February, for example, introduced Cheetos Sweetos, a cinnamon-sugar dusted puff snack, as the brand’s first sweet variety in its 67-year history. The limited-edition offering follows last year’s launches of Lay’s cappuccino potato chips, also from Frito-Lay, and milk chocolate flavored Pringles from the Kellogg Co. (The variety was part of a seasonal lineup that also included cinnamon sugar tortilla chips, as well as potato chips in cinnamon sugar, pecan pie and white chocolate flavors.) And a limited-edition lineup of Thanksgiving-themed kettle cooked potato chips from Boulder Canyon last year included a pumpkin pie variety.  Food Business News – Read more…

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