Woolworths and Jamie Oliver launch sticker range to educate children about fresh food

 In Woolworths
Australian supermarket giant Woolworths has launched a range of products with UK-based celebrity chef Jamie Oliver, which it said are designed to educate children on the benefits of fresh food.

The partnership launches the Jamie’s Garden Collectibles range, a world-first collection of new sensory stickers and sticker albums that aim to educate kids about the origins and benefits of fresh food.


Woolworths said that new research it commissioned found that Australian children struggled to correctly identify fresh fruit and vegetables and lack knowledge of where produce came from. According to Woolworths, the study of over 1,600 Australian children aged between six and 17 years revealed 92 per cent did not know bananas grew on plants and six in ten (61 per cent) were unaware that herbs such as mint grow from the ground. Ausfoodnews – Read more…



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